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LB Bexley, Crossness Sewage Works, c.1965
City of Westminster, fleet of refuse collection vehicles at Gatliff Road depot, 1965
LB Bexley, storing surface water in lakes to drain into the Thames at low water, 1972
LB Bexley, Flood Centre Operations Room, 1972
LB Bexley, Footscray surface water sewer, 1973
LB Haringey, flooding operations team at the Civic Centre, 1976
LB Haringey, flood in Wood Green, 1981
LB Haringey, Marks & Spencer's workers clear flood water in Wood Green, 1981
LB Brent, Brent residents collect six tons of waste paper to raise funds for a dialysis machine, 1979
LB Haringey, refuse collectors at work, 1983
LB Southwark, feeding the swans in Burgess Park, 1983
LB Croydon, demonstration of new animal bins for 'Care for Croydon' campaign, 1987
LB Bexley, tree damage in Woolwich Road in Abbey Wood after the hurricane, 1987
LB Bexley, water testing at Danson Lake, 1989
LB Waltham Forest, wheelie bins are issued in Farnon Avenue, 1993
LB Bexley, recycling poster competition, 1996
LB Islington, street cleaner using the Green Machine in Upper Street, 1996
LB Hounslow, volunteers remove willow trees in Bedfont Lakes Country Park, 1999
LB Merton, the Community Scrap Scheme in Canterbury Road, Morden, c. 1999
LB Bexley, free take back scheme for unwanted cars, 2004
LB Havering, grounds maintenance team at work outside the town hall, 2005
LB Lambeth, air monitoring station at Vauxhall Cross, 2005
LB Havering, Green Flag Award for Upminster Park, 2007
LB Hackney, carrying recycling boxes on a residential street, 2006
LB Hackney, waste trucks at Millfields Depot, 2010
LB Camden, recycling point, c.2010
LB Southwark, wind turbine on the roof of Ashenden House in the Heygate Estate, c.2010
LB Enfield, Garden Enfield Project, a market gardening project to create jobs, 2013
LB Enfield, cleaning up Turkey Brook, 2013
LB Harrow, dealing with fly-tipping, 2014
LB Croydon, public park, c. 2014