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LB Bexley, notice of elections, 1964
LB Southwark, Southwark Council meeting, 1964
LB Merton, one of the last meetings of Mitcham Borough Council, 1964
LB Merton, final meeting of Merton and Mordern Urban District Council, 1965
LB Bexley, elected councillors for the Greater London Council (GLC), 1967
LB Newham, West Ham College protest, c. 1968
LB Hackney, sorting electoral registration forms for newly enfranchised 18-21 year olds, 1969
LB Haringey, Haringey Archive Committee, 1972
LB Islington, NALGO demonstration outside the town hall, 1974
LB Haringey, George Meehan meets tenants of the Noel Park estate, 1977
LB Brent, Grunwick Strike, 1977
LB Bexley, town twinning sign, 1979
LB Barking and Dagenham, council panel at Barking assembly hall, 1980
LB Islington, local elections, 1982
LB Haringey, 'no to rate capping' campaign, 1984
LB Haringey, Haringey Council month of focus on racism, 1990
LB Haringey, emptying ballot boxes for local elections and GLA referendum, 1998
LB Haringey, MPs and councillors at a meeting of the Pensioners' Action Group, 2001
LB Ealing, announcement of election results, c.2002
LB Harrow, elections to the youth parliament, 2007
LB Enfield, voter registration event, 2011
LB Enfield, Mayor making ceremony, 2014